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It is a beautiful, sunny day in Montreal. We are surrounded by the sound of happy people being Spring-like in their actions. The pigeons are dancing.

Ice cream cone with chocolate chip sprinkling ...

ice cream and too many sprinkles

Stayin’ Cool. Ice cream? Shade? What do you do to stay cool in August?

Do you spend your weekends in the heat, volunteering for your favorite cause (that’s cool!) or do you sit poolside with drink in hand? Mojitos, anyone?

Air conditioners, fans, umbrellas, water… greenscapes… let your photography and imagination run wild on the theme of “Stayin’ Cool” and then send us your pics for inclusion in this blog either by emailing or by posting your pic directly on our Facebook Page’s wall.

Stay cool everyone!

I grew up thinking that the sun was something to avoid.  So, I put sunscreen on daily during the summer, and I avoided the sun as much as possible.  Well, as it turns out, a little bit of sunshine is good for you.  Sunburns are still to be avoided, but a little daily sunshine is necessary for health.  In the winter months the body’s vitamin D levels decrease, since people are outdoors very little and the sun is at a low angle on the horizon.   This decrease in Vitamin D is linked with increased incidence of illnesses such as flus and colds.

If you want to know more about Vitamin D, check out this Vitamin D Council website.  As it states on the website, the Vitamin D Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to put an end to needless suffering and death worldwide due to  vitamin D deficiency.  

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal

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