Inside my old house.

A few years ago I needed to sell my little cute home. I took some photographs of it in renovated-state, just to remember how great it was. Unfortunately, my Real Estate Agent hadn’t taken such good shots. The only photo they had taken was a distant, exterior shot that just made my place look small and didn’t highlight any of its charms.

A friend and I renovated on a budget... I re-did my wood floors myself!

Today I came across a little article in The Globe And Mail. They describe tips and pointers on photo-documenting your home, should you decide to sell it. I wish I’d supplied my Real Estate Agent with my pics for the mls website… he had used only the one very unappealing photo. So, just a heads-up if your Agent isn’t the best photographer… take some awesome pics yourself, and then utilise them!

Natasha Henderson, Montreal