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Deer enjoy a little munch in Comox, BC, Canada. Photo by Natasha Henderson

It’s April, and vibrant life is appearing all around us again. Spring has certainly sprung (at least across North America!)

Everywhere there is an urban setting, there is nature too. That little weed pushing its way through the sidewalk crack, the gull resting on top of a lamp-post, sunlight reflecting off buildings… animals, plant-life, and the Elements all co-exist with our Urban presence.

Our photo theme for April is The Contrasts of Urban Nature. If you are a fan on our Facebook page, you can upload a photo to our wall. Or, if you prefer, email us at with your photo that reflects this theme, your name, and a short description of the pic.

April… finally, oh finally!

From the USA is Jewel: Psycho-Kitty Qu’est-ce que C’est? Thank you to our Facebook Fan Peter for this photo!
Jewel. (Psycho-Kitty qu’ est-ce que c’est?) USA

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