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Lights from many sources lit up a very recent eve in Montreal

 photo by Natasha Henderson, Montreal. Share YOUR pics with us all by joining our Facebook page!


last year's decorations in natasha's house

Fire and Ice… that’s this month’s theme for our Facebook Friends’ Photos! If you “like” Fleurbain on Facebook, you can upload pics to our wall on the theme of “Fire and Ice”. We’ll announce a new theme every month!

Every month at Fleurbain we are offering our Facebook “likers” the chance to upload an image, with a short description about it, to our wall. We will add the image and photographer’s credits and story about the picture to this site. Eternal immortality is the best reward.

Our theme for this month is: Fire and Ice. Do you have some wonderful shots that could fit into this theme? Do you want to wander out into the snow or hot, hot sun and take a pic to share? Here’s one to start us off:

A winter walk last February... in the Mount Royal Cemetary. A still and beautiful, COLD day it was. Photo by Natasha Henderson, Montreal.

So picture it, get in the right frame of mind, and give it a shot… and tell your friends! Have some fun this December with Fire and Ice.

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