Our first exhibition in Fleurbain’s gallery space is on until December 7th…

Natasha Henderson presents Point Counter Point, a suite of paintings that use the music and concepts of JS Bach as a point of beginning.


The works are richly layered with paint and ideas. Counterpoint is a method of music in which concurrent themes or melodies play. Themes bounce off one another, unique voices and harmonies are created by the combination of individual ideas. This can be related to paint, to life, to art. Everything affects everything else, or can do.

Natasha, specifically, has layered simple images that represent syncopated time (big dot, little dot… repeat!) with ideas of landscape’s representation, and images of drapery. During the process of painting, if Natasha felt a need to incorporate other images to make the painting sing, she would do so. Objects and subjects from the artist’s own iconography make an appearance: robins, Christmas lights, trees.


Amongst the patterns of paint there is a sense of lighting from within, that what the viewer sees is somehow backlit. Viewers of the works have described them on a range from eerie to spiritual… come and see for yourself!

Point Counter Point runs until December 7. Regular gallery hours are 3pm-6pm Tuesday through Sunday, and by appointment. Fleurbain is located at 460 St Catherine Street West, unit #917. email fleurbain@gmail.com for more info