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Pigments for sale on market stall, Goa, India.

imagine pigments combined with snow... layered in the cold

Exciting times are ahead; this February 26th from about 5pm to 9pm (thorough details will come later…) we (Tammy Schmidt, Clinical Herbal Therapist and Natasha Henderson, artist) will be participating in Nuit Blanche as part of the Montreal High-Lights Festival!

Our objective: to paint in an unusual way, using nature within the city. We will be painting using natural pigments; pigments that are not synthetic nor harmful for the earth. The body of the paint, as well as the canvas, will be snow and maybe ice. We will invite the public to add to our Snow-Painting, and to learn a little about the natural, herbal-based pigments that we will be using.

This project will be the second joint-venture of “fleurbain”; the first being the Herbal Creativity Spa Weekend: Valentine workshops planned for February 11-12. Needless to say, Tammy and Natasha are excited to be able to share their knowledge about herbalism and the arts, and add to the cultural life in Montreal!



Montreal on a most jittery night.

In late February we will be participating in a major event in Montreal! This is exciting; so exciting that I’d like to tell you all about it right NOW. However, the rules of this event state that before a certain date we cannot advertise our participation… in… whatever this is.

There’s a big release date for all information to be posted. Anyhow, when that time comes, when that date is here, we will let everyone know what/when/where/not “why”, not “how”, and you can guess “who”.

We’ve been working on our preparations for this. When we are finally allowed to share our info with you, we’ll have some good documentation of prep, the event, and our resulting… results… after the event. Oh, the secrecy!!! I can’t even assign this blog-post a category for filing, it is so risqué and secretive.

Hang in there… and in the meantime, why not check out our new Workshops page.

Natasha Henderson, Montreal

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