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Ben is a cat from Vancouver Island, Canada! He belongs with one of our Facebook Fans, Penny! Thank you Penny and Ben to be fans of our Fleurbain Page on Facebook, and for taking the time to upload such a charming pic of a cute kitty.

Ben - Canada

You can become a fan on our Facebook page, too… and upload a pic of your favorite Cat or Non-Cat… or don’t! Just become a fan, and spread the word.

From the USA is Jewel: Psycho-Kitty Qu’est-ce que C’est? Thank you to our Facebook Fan Peter for this photo!
Jewel. (Psycho-Kitty qu’ est-ce que c’est?) USA

If you would like to see your pet immortalized on this site, become a fan on Facebook, and upload your cat (or honourary cat)’s pic with his name and country. It’s that easy!

Everyone and their dog has a dog

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