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Our reader Laurie Aaron Dahlquist sent us some pics recently along the theme of Stayin’ Cool in August to our Facebook Page. Your pics of Stayin’ Cool in August can be published here too… just upload them to our Facebook Wall, and we’ll do the rest!

Laurie Aaron Dahlquist's cool photo of a cooling fountain cooling some cool people.

OK, you tell us what you think about Stayin’ Cool with a thousand words. Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words, so send in your photo on the theme of Stayin’ Cool in August to our Facebook Page or email to We’ll post your images here.

Ice cream cone with chocolate chip sprinkling ...

ice cream and too many sprinkles

Stayin’ Cool. Ice cream? Shade? What do you do to stay cool in August?

Do you spend your weekends in the heat, volunteering for your favorite cause (that’s cool!) or do you sit poolside with drink in hand? Mojitos, anyone?

Air conditioners, fans, umbrellas, water… greenscapes… let your photography and imagination run wild on the theme of “Stayin’ Cool” and then send us your pics for inclusion in this blog either by emailing or by posting your pic directly on our Facebook Page’s wall.

Stay cool everyone!

Parc Lafontaine. an oasis in one of the hearts of Montreal

I sat at this scene the other day, painting. It happened to be on a crest, and I felt the loveliest breeze lifting off the water. There were some rogue, illegal bathers splashing away down below, but no-one seemed to mind. Their laughter and belly flops filled the air with the sound of children, even though they were well into their forties.

In the comments I’m going to try to write some Haiku about this. I am serious. Please join in the fun if you will…

Natasha Henderson, Montreal

painting in progress...

I can’t believe how time is flying!  My posts are getting shorter and shorter and I am barely finding the time to cram in all of the last minute to-do’s.

Quickly, I will tell you about today’s DIY gift.  It is scented sachets.  This year I made some scented sachets with flannel to give to the kids in my family.  I attached a list of herbs and spices in the sachets so they can research this more.  It is a pretty traditional recipe.  Perhaps in the years ahead I will have the time to do something a little more creative.

roses, lavender, rosemary, cloves, allspice, star anise, orris root, sea salt

cool little sachets for the kids

Kay, gotta go!

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal

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