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Today I spent several hours in waiting rooms. I got to have various bodily fluids taken for examination. I was mis-directed at the local hospital, so that I wasted almost an hour standing around waiting even more. I had two receptionists laugh at things I didn’t find particularly funny, which showed me that they were focussed on their role within their job, and not on the (possibly) frightened person before them who was seeking medical help.

To make a long story short… In the midst of all this fun, I let my subconscious guide my hands through making another cartoon! (This being something I’ve not taken the time to do for months and months! And months!)

click on cartoon to open bigger in a new window! then it's zoom-able, too!

I should be fine, health-wise. It is probably just a little blip. I might blog a bit about my experiences with whatever this is, or I might not. It is simply something that makes me a little different, like we all are.

Natasha Henderson, Montreal


Having been in a craft fair this weekend, I had a bit of spare time while sitting at my table. I imagined my pals Cluck and Lurt in a craft faire down at the coop…

Natasha Henderson, Montreal

This might only appeal to some of our readers, and mostly those in Canada only. Apologies. Other cartoons are on their way…

what type of politician would put such limits on the press?

This Chicken’s party slogan?

“Be Afraid”.

We are in the midst of political election campaigns in Canada. In between the multitudes of issues on the plate, one thing that really struck me as different from the “Good Old Days”, is that the press is being so very controlled by the current Prime Minister. I saw a news clip about his practice of allowing the journalists only four questions each per day, and only on different subjects. So… no follow-up questions? Only first-point questions?

Doesn’t come across as Mr Open-And-Honest, now, does he?

Natasha Henderson, Montreal

Big Cheese -copyright Natasha Henderson

Gym and Alternatives

Natasha Henderson

Processed Eating Opportunities. Copyright Natasha Henderson

In recognition of all the recent holiday travelling that many of our readers will have participated in:

flying to home planet

copyright Natasha Henderson

Cluck and Lurt get some take-out. Copyright Natasha Henderson.

Natural Hoot: hallowed night

copyright Natasha Henderson

Eating. Copyright Natasha Henderson

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