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egg cartons take a pause before hitting the recycling bin, to nurture my little green pals


I am a proud mama… not only to a cat, but to a vast number of tiny, green lives. This year I started my garden indoors. I was waiting to find out which plot I was allocated in the Community Garden, so I couldn’t plant outside.

baby oregano... awwwww!

I took a couple of egg cartons, a small bag of dirt, and a selection of organic seeds to start lavender, coriander, oregano, basil, tomatoes, arugula, parsley, and peppers. I will plant my carrots directly in the earth, as they require more root room!

widdle baybee tomatoes, hea-wooooah!

My plants are keening towards the sun… but I think the when they’re outdoors they’ll manage to straighten up. I am really looking forward to growing, tending, caring for, and harvesting these little guys. I’ll be careful to collect seeds, too!

Natasha Henderson, Montreal


Montreal on a most jittery night.

In late February we will be participating in a major event in Montreal! This is exciting; so exciting that I’d like to tell you all about it right NOW. However, the rules of this event state that before a certain date we cannot advertise our participation… in… whatever this is.

There’s a big release date for all information to be posted. Anyhow, when that time comes, when that date is here, we will let everyone know what/when/where/not “why”, not “how”, and you can guess “who”.

We’ve been working on our preparations for this. When we are finally allowed to share our info with you, we’ll have some good documentation of prep, the event, and our resulting… results… after the event. Oh, the secrecy!!! I can’t even assign this blog-post a category for filing, it is so risqué and secretive.

Hang in there… and in the meantime, why not check out our new Workshops page.

Natasha Henderson, Montreal

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