I had the great pleasure of visiting Françoise Issaly‘s exhibit Structures the other week during the exhibition’s vernissage.

It is an exhibit of paintings, mostly acrylic on canvas, or smaller works on paper. Her work simultaneously invigorates the eyes, and pauses the mind. Natural forms create something of a meditation for the viewer.

Shapes within the works are organic, yet abstract. There appear to be references to branches, veins, or rivers of water. There are overlapping orbs of cells, dna, and viruses of a creative kind. Issaly’s colors are masterfully natural, vibrant and alive. Subtle glazes and washes build up an incredible, luxe surface. These canvasses create an immersive experience.

I was only able to stay for the beginning of the evening due to a previous engagement, however the crowd was lively, fun, and engaged with the artist. Structures runs until June 1.

Le Meridien Versailles is located at 1808 Sherbrooke West H3H 1E5

catalogue available through Editions FrI

-Natasha Henderson, Montreal