Every summer I like to paint my toenails.  I love the look and I love feeling good about how I look.  Sometimes though, I get into a funk when I think about what I am doing.  Is this paint worth it?  From the paint to the nail polish remover, even if I am using water based paints, I know that I am exposing myself to toxic chemicals when I use nail polish.  Usually I tell myself not to worry, it is only a couple months of the year.  Well, I departed from my usual this year and tried out a new nail buffer that makes your nails look so shiny you would think there is a polish on them.  The nail buffer  is called Crazy Shine and it is brought to you by Revlon.

Looking good + Avoiding toxic chemicals that potentially interfere with my health = Love it!

for very shiny nails without nail polish

If you have a fun idea for looking good and avoiding chemical exposure, please submit your idea in the comments.  Thanks!

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal.