at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal

Last weekend was the Great Gardening Weekend at the Jardin Botanique.  At this fair, there were many booths featuring cool products, rare plants, native plants, organizations and information.  Highlights for me included a chat with the guy who has been in charge of the Japanese and American bonsai specimens in the garden for quite some time and a chat with Marie from Urbain Culteurs about bee keeping in the city.

It set me back $12 to get into the garden because I did not have an Access Montreal Card.  And since I paid to get into the garden, I decided to walk around and check out what was blooming right now.  I walked through the lilacs in the arboretum.  If you love lilacs, and you live in Montreal, I suggest that you get to the garden sometime in the next few days.  All the trees are in full bloom and it is positively wonderful to walk amongst so many lilacs.

If you want to see more of the garden, purchase an Access Montreal Card for $8 and you will have unlimited access to the garden for most of the year.  You can also purchase a garden pass for $21 and have even more access to the garden.  Check this out, it is  a good way to go.

taking time to smell the flowers

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal.