cat bun. i can not get enough of that little face!

A couple weeks ago, an acquaintance pulled out a glossy long landscape photo of exquisite mushrooms.  While looking at these giant puffballs, I realized that these photos are now a very rare thing.  The world has gone digital; we are able to see images on screens more often than images on paper.  Sometimes I wonder if I am doing things right, storing all of my favourite photos on my computer.  It may save on space, but is it going to be accessible in the future?  And as my brother stated this week, it is simply more satisfying to flip through a photo album than to click through one.  I agree.

Don’t get me wrong, digital photography has made it easy for everyone to be a better photographer.  We can now take as many photos as we like, and experiment a lot more.  There is not so much waste, as you don’t have to develop an entire roll of film in order to see if one photo turned out.

My DIY idea of the day is to consider good old fashioned photo development.  Yes, I can still keep a digital archive, but it is not so difficult to select photos that I like, edit them and take them to a photo developer.  I can even do all of this online and pick them up within an hour!  It is rare that I actually do this final step, but I am going to make a greater effort to do just this.

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal