winter balm

I just made this!  It is a gift for some friends and myself. This winter balm is great for hands and feet, elbows and knees; it is good for anything that needs a little more care and attention in the winter.

How might you make this lovely winter balm?

Using a kitchen scale, measure the following ORGANIC ingredients in a clean saucepan:

15 g beeswax

30 g shea butter

30 g sweet almond oil

30 g calendula infused sunflower oil

30 g rosehip oil

Using a low heat, heat the oils and wax until these are homogenous, that is, all mixed together as one oil.

Then take the saucepan off the heat and add:

15 drops lavender oil

10 drops rose oil

5 drops vanilla absolute

Pour into clean glass containers.

Where can you pick up these ingredients?   Try a well-stocked health food store such as the one that just opened up on Notre Dame called Marché Bleuet.

I picked up the containers at Les Conserves du Fermier .

Labels… it’s a work in progress!

Perhaps you do not have a scale?  Remember that one tablespoon is about 15 g.  It does not have to be exactly as the above recipe to be amazing.  Great ingredients make it great.

Tammy Schmidt, Montreal